Tracker for Keyless Entry Range Rover

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The MetaTrack S5 incorporates a movement sensor and a pair of Driver ID tags that detect your Range Rover’s unauthorised movement.

Suppose the vehicle is illegally moved, e.g. without a TAG being present. In that case, a signal is sent to the MetaTrak Secure Operating Center who will, in turn, call the owner to confirm a possible theft. If the theft is confirmed, metatrak can begin to track the vehicle live.

If the car is started using the signal boosting type of theft the tracker will trigger as theft as no tags present, the ID tags work on a different signal frequency than vehicle keys, so can’t be boosted.

The Meta S5 is supplied with its own backup battery. If your battery is disconnected or runs low, the meta S5 will call and alert you of this.
If your vehicle is stolen, you will need to obtain an incident/crime number from your local Police and pass this to the 24hr Metatrak Operating Centre. SmarTrack will then establish the exact location of the stolen range rover using GPS technology and highly detailed mapping screens and liaise with the Police, Security and Recovery services providing regular location updates as necessary until your vehicle is located and recovered.

Meta Trak VTS S5 provides a Thatcham approved Category S5 GPS/GSM Stolen Vehicle Tracking System. As standard a Category 6 product, tow-away alerts, battery disconnect and battery low and tamper alerts, but the Meta Trak VTS S5 also provides a dedicated mobile app suitable for IOS and Android and Driver Recognition tags making it a Proactive tracker alerting the owner and call centre as soon as the vehicle is moved without an ID tag being present in the vehicle.

Why is this type of tracker important to KeyLess Cars
If a vehicle is started and driven away via a signal boosting keyless car theft, a standard CAT S7 or the old-style Cat 6 tracker will not know that the car is being stolen as the car and tracker think the keys are in the car as the ignition is on, time the owner realises the car has been stolen some time hours later, the vehicle is gone, and in some cars, the tracker found and removed, but with the Meta VTS S5 tracker with the driver ID tags, once the vehicle is started via a thieves signal booster, as the Driver ID tags are not present in the car, the tracker triggers an alert alerting the Call centre and notify the owner within seconds.

Thatcham Cat s5 / DRS / VTS

  • The MetaTrak offers the features listed below:
  • Thatcham Approved TQA 06
  • Ideal for all Cars and Vans
  • Monitored 24 hours a day
  • Battery Disconnect Alert
  • 2 Driver ID Tags
  • Movement Sensor Alert
  • Insurance discounts
  • Free App
  • Fully Transferable
  • Covert black box
  • 1 year warranty
  • Immobilisation Option available at an extra cost this will then meet Cat S5 Plus
  • £149 Annual subscription includes vat and complete UK, Ireland and European cover

Approved by Ford, Land Lover, Range Rover, BMW, Audi, Honda, Mercedes, Renault

Utilises satellite-based GPS for Vehicle location. This enables the 24hr Secure Operating Center to pinpoint your vehicles exact location within seconds. GSM technology is employed to communicate with the Metatrak system system


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