Dashcam Fitting Service (Front Camera Only)


Onsite Install from £65

Hard wire kits Available from £15

NB All Prices Quoted are Plus VAT


If you have bought your own Front dash cam, we can professionally fit it for you, hide the wires and connect it into your fusebox correctly, ideal if you have bought a Next-Base camera from Halfords and need it installed professionally, all our installations are done to meet your vehicles manufactures warranty.

Please make sure all SD cards are formatted regularly and replaced every 12 months..failure to do so may result in lost footage.

Helpful Tips

Format the card every 4-6 weeks will remove any corrupted file which can accrue with all Dashcams and replacing the card every 12 months will give you the peace of mind that your Dash Cam will be recording every bit of footage … some cameras have a format button, some can be done via the app or via a PC / MAC


We recommend that you replace the sd card within your camera every 12 months. This is due to the fact that the cards are being over written constantly and so can become corrupt over time.

Formatting will help this but cards dont last forever!

Not all cards are the same, all cameras supplied by Camelectric will be the highest spec needed for the camera to work correctly, please only replace with the same make and spec card, failure to use the same card will result in an invalidated warranty

Does your dashcam have an APP, if so check the footage regularly to make sure its recording and the camera hasn’t been knocked and out of line.

Voice Memo
Does your camera have a voice warning system, if so this may be warning you of any error, please don’t ignore this as it may result in your unit not recording

If your camera has an inbuilt screen check the information on the screen is correct TIME / DATE / MPH, failure to check this may result in the footage not being correct and cant be used as evidence. If the Camera has an App to View, Login and Check this information on the App.

Ensure the time is correct for the time of year, ie DST time

Does the unit have any LED lights make sure they are on and operating correctly, check the record, microphone and GPS light are on


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