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How do I pair my Parrot MKi9200 remote when I fit a new battery?

In Tutorials by Lewis / 25 October 2020 / 0 comments

Did you know your Parrot Mki Hands free kit Remote had a Battery in it….

Seems obvious when you think about it, there’s no wires to it and it has to connect to the kit somehow!

The Remote works via a Wifi Type connection and as such the unit is battery powered.

The Battery is a flat cell CR2032

These are readily available from the local shop or a supermarket for example.

My Youtube Video above talks you step by step through how to Fit a new battery and then re-sync the remote to the kit!

Another Common Problem with this remote is that as we all seem to do, when the remote control starts to fail, we dont ask our selves why, we simply press the buttons harder!

What this does is squash the battery contacts to the point where the battery rattles around in its carrier!

So the situation goes like this.

The battery starts to get flat and become unresponsive…so you press the buttons harder….and harder…and squash the contacts inside…then you call me and say…this kit is rubbish! It doesn’t Work!

I ask if you have replaced the battery… and after squashing the contacts say No, so I explain how….Guess what, the remote still doesnt work because now the contacts dont make good! Eek!

All you need is a small rod , (a pin maybe, although I’m not Suggesting you use such am item obviously …) and just put a little tension back into the 2 contacts!

Job Done!

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