THB 9068 Hands Free Kit inc Fitting



The THB 9068 is currently the best hands-free kit on the market, offering almost all Bluetooth phones.

Just touch the screen and talk to the kit and it speaks back to you in a clear voice through your car H-Fi speakers.

DSP (Digital Signal Processing) hands-free cuts out background noise and echo to ensure callers hear you.

The touch-screen clips off its mount for safe storage if parking in dodgy areas.

THB firmly focused on providing a user-friendly system that will help drivers stay safe on the roads from the start of the design process.

Crystal Clear Sound, Cutting Edge Design

The speaker-independent DialogPlus voice control has a unique word recognition system which is both fast and highly accurate. However complicated a name sounds, however quickly you say a telephone number, the CC 9068 responds to your voice immediately – and isn’t affected by background noise.

To help you use the voice control function effectively, the system provides clear visual and audio prompts, making for a highly user-friendly and enjoyable experience. And thanks to text-to-speech functionality, the CC 9068 can also read text messages out loud – so you get the information you need without needing to look at the phone’s display.

Optional 5th camera can be used for a load area, tipper area, platform area.

In addition, there is a Brigade Back Chat Turn Alarm and Brigade Side Scan proximity scan system to alert the driver of any potential hazards.

All cable connects are Aviation spec IP69 waterproof.

Our system is installed to Vehicle Manufactures Type Approval and come with an 18-month warranty.



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