Meta Alarm Easy Can 2.1



The Meta EasyCAN Digital is one of the most advanced CAN-BUS alarm upgrades designed to easily integrate into your vehicles original wiring with minimum disruption using your vehicle own keyfob/remote. But offering maximum security and reliability. The Meta system features a wireless secure linked siren The Meta system offers Protection for your doors, boot and vehicles interior. The system also features an Emergency Push button override, this is a secure 5 digit pin entered via the LED.

  • Boot, door protection
  • Interior protection
  • Audible/visual arming signals
  • Secure override function ( 5 digit code )
  • Wireless Thatcham approved siren
  • Ignition hotwire protection
  • Panic facility
  • Auto re-arm
  • Diagnostic flashing LED
  • Pre Programed for perfect integration
  • Thatcham Cat 1 once fitted
  • Approved by all leading manufactures

Also available at an additional cost

  • microwave sensors
  • tilt sensors
  • shock sensors


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