DVS (Direct Vision Standard) Kit


All Prices are Exclusive of VAT at Current Rate of 20%


Our DVS kit come with a 7″ Colour LCD Monitor, displaying the image from a Night Vision Side Camera showing the left-hand side blind spot area.

Combined with a Side Scan System and Left turn Alarm.

The system components work as a whole by giving a visual view via the camera image displayed on the 7 inch monitor and the side scan led display illumination highlighting objects within the left hand Blind spot area, as well as this an Audiable warning internally in the cab for the driver and an External Warning via the Left Hand Turn Alarm which verbally announces that the vehicle is turning left.

The Kit Comprises of;

  • Side Camera
  • Internal 7 inch Monitor
  • Left Turn Alarm
  • Side Scan System

Additions to the kit at additional cost;

Momentery night switch £75 + vat

( this is a small momentary switch that when pressed, disables the left turn alarm until either

1. The vehicle ignition is cycled

2. The 15mph speed threshold is exceeded

Either or both situatio s will bring the left turn alarm back into operation


Our system is installed to Vehicle Manufactures Type Approval and come with an 12-month warranty.

Current DVS regulations can be viewed on the link below



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