Autowatch AASDS – Side Scan and Left Turn Alarm System


The Side Scan and Left Turn Alarm Systems help the driver of the vehicle detect pedestrians and cyclists down the Near Side / Left side of the vehicle.

Combined with The Left turn Alarm o give the detected object a Verbal warning externally from the vehicle

The way the system works is via a set of Ultrasonic Sensotrs mounted down the Near side / Left side of the vehicle that are linked to a visual and audiable display mounted in the cab area and also a loud speker external to the vehicle

As a pedestrian or cyclist moves down the Near Side / Left hand side of the vehicle the ultrasonic sensors pick up the the object and relay the movements up onto a traffic light type display in the cab to alert the driver whist at the same time if the left indicator is switched on, an external warning to the Pedestrian / cyclist is nnounced that the vehicle is about to turn left

The system is speed linked and only operated below 15 km/h.